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1965 War Shaheed Names

1965 war shaheed names shall explain here at this page with the division of PAF Shuhada List and Nishan-e-haider Holders names in the list that explain everything in best way. 1965 was the year that assure every possibility under the achievement with respect to the names and associations. Shuhada List publishing here at this page. Maj Muhammad Sarwar was the renowned name. Capt Nisar Ahmed SJ engr was also included in the names. The war also took another important person  with the capt Muhammad Sadiq SJ arty.

1965 War Shaheed Names

Nishan-e-haider Holders

  • Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed
  • Maj Muhammad Tufail Shaheed
  • Major Raja aziz Bhatti Shaheed
  • Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed
  • Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed
  • Muhammad Hussain Shaheed
  • Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed
  • Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed
  • Lalak Jan Shaheed
  • Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed

1965 War Shaheed Names

PAF Shuhada List

  • Alauddin Ahmed – Sitara-i-Jurrat
  • M A Qureshi
  • M S A Siddiqui
  • Muhammad Iqbal – Sitara-i-Jurrat
  • Munir Ahmed – Sitara-i-Jurrat
  • Sarfraz Ahmed Rafiqui – Hilal-i-Jurrat
  • A S Khalid
  • A T M Aziz
  • M A Butt
  • Saifullah Khan – Sitara-i-Juraat
  • Younus Hussain – Sitara-i-Juraat
  • M A Khan
  • S S Azam
  • Anwar Hussain Khan – Tumgha-i-Juraat

Pakistan is the country based on the Islamic views for 1965 War Shaheed Names and discovered as first country based on the pure islamic mood. This country showed the protective layer according to the Islamic point of view. The 1965 war was unfortunate through the way out.

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