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2nd Constituent Assembly of Pakistan

2nd Constituent Assembly of Pakistan

The 2nd Constituent Assembly of Pakistan reconstituted on May 28, 1955. The constitution promulgated on March 23, 1956, and this made Pakistan to became an Islamic republic. On October 7, 1958, martial law was imposed within the country. However, the new regime abrogated the constitution as declaring it unworkable. As after getting into the ruling, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto invited the leaders of the parliamentary parties to get into the meeting on October 17, 1972. Hence, this meeting gives rise to the agreement named as ‘constitutional accord’. In addition, the National Assembly of Pakistan came up with the appointment of the 25-member committee.

Mahmud Ali Kasuri was the elected chairman of the committee.  A bill as for the purpose of giving the constitution for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan highlighted in the assembly on February 2, 1973. The assembly passed the bill as on April 10, 1973. Hence, it was later on endorsed by the acting President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto on April 12, 1973. Do you know how many constitutions of Pakistan is?

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