Question: A Ledger Account is Prepared From?

  • Income Statement
  • Journal
  • Cash Flow
  • Trial Balance

Answer: Journal

A Ledger Account is prepared from the Journal accounts. In Accounting Cycle, Ledger is the second step after preparation of Journal entries. Accounting ledger is a book that contains all accounts of the company and includes the debits and credits under each of these accounts and the resulting balance. Ledger is known as the book of Final entry. In Ledger accounts, we record debits on left side and credits on the right side. A general ledger account is used to sort balance sheet and income statement transactions. General ledgers consist of those accounts which are broad in nature like Cash, account receivables etc. Some General ledger accounts are also considered the summary records which refer to control accounts. Those details which support control accounts found outside the general ledger and known as the subsidiary ledger. A ledger is called the book of Secondary entries. The subsidiary ledger is also the type of ledger which contains all details that support the control accounts. The transfer of journal into Ledger account is called posting.

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