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Basic Operations Performed by a Computer are?

Question: Basic Operations Performed by a Computer are?

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Basic Operations Performed by a Computer are 5

The computer system can perform so many operations for the purpose of converting raw input data into information as useful for users. However, a computer system does primarily perform the 5 basic operations namely inputting, storing, processing, outputting and controlling. Inputting is all about the entering data and instructions into the computer system. Storing is concerned with the saving and storage of the data and instructions. It is done as to make it readily available for initial or even the additional processing when it is needed. Processing is all about performing the arithmetic operations or logical operations on data to let them convert them into useful information. Fourth is the outputting that is the process of producing useful information or results for the sake of the user.

But, this can be in the form of the printed report or visual display. Controlling is about the directing of the manner and the sequence as where all the operations will be performed.  Hence, all these operations make the functioning of the computer system easy enough to do. Do you know who invented first computer?

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