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Bogra Formula Also Known As

Question: Bogra Formula Also Known As?

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Answer: Bogra formula is also known as Constitutional Formula

Workable constitution before 1953 was a real-time challenge for the government of Pakistan. Prime minister designation was the chief position considers implementing it. Agreement with the opposition on the workable constitution was the only challenge of that time. Now Muhammad Ali Bogra, prime minister of that time, comes out as the real supporter of the workable constitution. His working on this project within six months of assuming power is known as Bogra’s suggestion. bogra formula also known as constitutional formula presented in the constituent assembly on 7th October 1953. Hope the answer is clear now. Proposal assured by the person got the full support with little criticism. The first point of criticism was the equal powers of both houses.

Bogra Formula Also Known As

Scholarly mindsets of that time consider the lower house as the more powerful as compared to the upper house. The only reason of such diction was the representation of people in the lower house. It was the only point else all other points in proposal accepted by the masses. Parliament was divided in the response of formula. The language issue was resolved in constitution making. In 1954, the assembly agreed to consider Urdu and Bengali as national languages. It is the decision, widely accepted under the constituent assembly of Pakistan. Who Was The First Chief Minister Of Punjab Pakistan?

Bogra Formula Also Known As

Language Issue and Bogra Formula

Two reports of the basic principles committee appreciate the move of Bogra formula with different sections of the society. It is the gulf between the two wings of Pakistan. The source of the unity was revealed in this formula. 13 days discussion on the Bogra formula makes it reflective towards the policy implementation. It was first drafted on 14th November 1953. It was composed formula with the win-win approach but assembly dissolved by Ghulam Muhammad was another pinching decision.

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