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What Is Computer Network?

Question? What Is Computer Network? Answer: A way of connecting computer together so that they can communicate, share information and other resources with called each other is called computer network. A computer network is also called the information network. The most popular information network is the internet. Computer Networks are working on single place offices, among different branches and so on.

Define Data Processing?

Question: Define Data Processing? Answer: A sequence of operations on data to convert it into useful information is called data processing. In other words, we can say that a procedure through which a computer can collect request from users, and after then it will classify, retrieve, and classify the data to results it for useful information.

What Is Computer Virus?

Question: What Is Computer Virus? Answer: A small hidden program that may disturb the normal functioning of the computer and also may destroy the important data stored in the computer is called computer virus. These days there are different types of viruses have introduced which can directly harm the database of a website. Besides these, there is a specific type of viruses which are hacking our accounts, websites, and banking accounts.

What is UNIX?

Question: What is UNIX? Answer: UNIX is a multi-user and multi-tasking operating system. It is the very popular operating system used in the microcomputer to a supercomputer. It provides the command line interface. It was developed at AT&T Bell Laboratories of USA. Microsoft Company of USA also developed a version of UNIX, which is named as XENIX. It is mainly used in network environment because it has powerful security features.

What is Windows?

Question: What is Windows? Answer: Windows is a popular operating system used in personal computers. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation of USA. It is because it is referred as Microsoft Windows. Windows is a graphical user interface operating system. It is a user-friendly operating system. It Is very easy to learn and to operate. It provides the commands and application program in the form of small picture called icons. The user gives the commands to the computer by simply clicking the…

What Is DOS?

Question: What Is DOS? Answer:  DOS stands for Disk Operating System. DOS is developed by Apple Corporation in 1984 for Macintosh computers. It is a command line interface operating system. This system was developed by Microsoft for IBM in 1981. It was the most popular operating system in microcomputers before the Windows.