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CPEC Stands for In Pakistan?

Question: CPEC Stands for In Pakistan?

Answer: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

CPEC stands for China–Pakistan Economic Corridor

CPEC stands for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. It is defined as the collection of the infrastructure projects. The projects are originally holding the value of $46 billion. Hence the value of CPEC projects is now worth at the cost of $62 billion. It has been playing an important role where it is on the vast level and rapidly modernize Pakistani infrastructure. It aims as it strengthen its economy by the construction of modern transportation networks, as well as numerous energy projects, and so as with the special economic zones. On 13 November 2016, CPEC started its operation as when the Chinese cargo transported overland to Gwadar Port. Few of the important and major power projects commissioned by late 2017.

There are so many plans to build on with the huge network of highways and so as the railways just as under the aegis of CPEC. In the transportation network, inefficiency has been coming in the way by the government that would lead the cause of loss of 3.55% of the country’s annual GDP. Do you the name of largest dam of Pakistan?

CPEC Stands for In Pakistan?
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