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Who Is The Current Chief Minister of Balochistan 2019?

Q: Who Is The Current Chief Minister of Balochistan 2019?

Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo
Jam Kamal Khan
Sana Ullah Khan Zahri
Abdul Malik Baloch

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Balochistan is the biggest province of Pakistan area wise. But population of Balochistan is less than any other province of Pakistan. Political system of Balochistan is same as that of other province with chief minister as head. Total number of legislatures in Balochistan assembly is 65. Now to have a glimpse of political development in Balochistan a list of chief ministers of Balochistan is given below .Their office tenures and major achievements are mentioned in the separate columns.

List of All chief ministers of Balochistan


Name Tenure Political party
Atta Ullah Mangal 1 May,1972, to 13 Feb 1973 National Awami Party
Jam Ghulam Qadeer Khan( first term) 27 April,1973 to 31 DEC 1974 Pakistan Peoples Party(PPP)
Muhammad Khan Barozai 7 DEC,1976  To  5 July,1977 Pakistan Peoples Party
Rahimudeen Khan 5 July 1977 To 6 April 1985
Khan Ghulam Qadeer Khan 6 April 1985 To 29 May 1988 independent
Mir Zafar Ullah Khan Jamali 24 June 1988 To 24 Dec 1988 Islami Jamhori Ithad
Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti 5 Feb 1989 To 7 Aug 1990 Balochistan National Party
Taj Muhammad Jamali 17 Nov,1990 T0 22 may,1993 Islami Jamhori Ittehad
Zulifiqar Ali Magsi(first term) 30 May 1993 To 19 July 1993 independent
Zulifqar Ali Magsi( 2nd term 20 Oct,1993 To 9 Nov 1996 Independent
Akhtar Mangal 22 Feb 1997 To 29 July 1998 Balochistan National Party
Mir Jan Muhhamad Jamali 13 Aug,1998 To 12 Oct 1999 Independent
Jam Muhammad Yusaf 1 Dec 2002 To 19 Nov 2007 PML(Q)
Nawab Aslam Raisani 9 April 2008 To 14 Jan 2013 Pakistan Peoples Party
Nawab Aslam Raisani 13 March 2013 To 23 March 2013
Abdul Malik Baloch 7 June 2013 To 23 Dec 2015 National Party
Sana Ullah Khan Zahri 24 Dec 2015 To 9 Jan 2018 PML-N
Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo 13 Jan,2018 To 18 August 2018 PML-Q
Jam Kamal Khan 13 Jan,2018 To present BAP


Who Is The Current Chief Minister of Balochistan as Balochistan  is the least dense province of Pakistan but rich in resources. It constitutes almost five percent of total population of the country. So far as geography of Balochistan is concerned it is located in the southwest of Pakistan. Its capital and largest city is Quetta. To the north east it has border with Punjab and FATA. Sindh locates to its southeast and to west situates Iran. In the south of Balochistan there is Indian Ocean. Balochistan mainly comprises of ethnic groups. Its political system is majorly monopolizes by Nawabs. Out of total population 52 percent are Balochi speaking and 36 percent speaks Pashto. Remaining 12 percent are other small groups such as Hazara, Punjabi, Uzbuks and Turkmens. The above given list explains Current Chief Minister of Balochistan 2019

Healthcare, education and lawlessness are the fundamental problems that Balochistan has been suffering since long. Every new installed government makes some promising promises to get rid of these problems but often theses issues remain unresolved. Additionally, poverty is the major problem that Balochistan faces. Generally it is said that people in the Balochistan intentionally are kept poor and uneducated. Despite having huge natural resources of the country, people hardly find half of the food of their total daily requirement. This thing lures people to be easy prey of terrorism. People are captured by different foreign agencies to create violence and disturbance in the province.

Balochistan political system is a hard nut to crack. It has been monopolized by few feudal families for their own gains. People are even not provided with basic facilities such as health and education. To blame federal government for any uncertainty in Baloch society is custom of the day. Some strong and robust policies are require to bring Balochi out of their current miserable condition .C-PEC, an economic initiative by china in Pakistan may prove to be helpful for Balochistan economic assistance. At present, it is badly needed to educate people, so that they may create a sense of rationality and realize their true enemy.

Government should find pragmatic solution for Balochistan issue. It should be tackle seriously rather in a blame game way. Government should involve people in the running political system of country instead keep them in isolation. Well this is all about the Who Is The Current Chief Minister of Balochistan 2019.

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