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Who Is Current DG Rangers Sindh 2019?

Q. Who Is Current DG Rangers Sindh 2019?

Major General Omar Ahmed Bukhari
Major General Muhammad Saeed
Lt Gen Rizwan Akhtar
Lt Gen Ijaz Chaudhry

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Major General Omar Ahmed Bukhari

Major General Omar Ahmed Bukhari is the 14th and the Current DG Rangers Sindh Pakistan 2019 Name. He replaced Gn Muhammad Saeed on Saturday 27th April 2019. Pakistan Ranger came into being just after the creation of Pakistan. After creation, the major challenge that Pakistan had to face was the issue of security. It was the right time to reorganize  Pakistan security forces that Pakistan got in share from the United Indian arm forces. Sindh rifles a sub-branch of Pakistan rangers always played a very brave role by strengthening Pakistan borders. Sindh Rangers strengthened further because of some chaotic situation in Sindh in 1989. Establishment of Mahran forces further increased  Sindh Rangers, power and importance. This force majorly established to crush the riot and lawlessness at that time in Sindh.

Major work for Sindh Rangers is to secure the border of Eastern sides joined with India. It takes care of borders adjacent to Punjab and Sindh provinces. In rear cases, it has to work for internal security. Working on the internal security issues, it is supported by the Pakistan law and enforcement agency. Like police, it cannot arrest the citizen for personal crimes. Crushes the criminals or gangs of criminals and never work as the police. It has authority to arrest the criminals for the first interrogation but after that, it has to hand down them to the Sindh police. It is all about the Current DG Rangers Sindh explained through the layout.

Ranger Force of Pakistan has played a very favorable role for the security of Pakistan. In both two wars, it along with the Pakistan army put the enemy to its nails. It supported Pakistan in both wars strategically and by men force. After that, there is a hell of incidents in which rangers performed well, for instances, Kargil war, Operation Thunderstorm, Operation silence, Lahore police academy operation, peace issue of Karachi.

CTD Stands For In Police Pakistan

In Lahore academy operation, Pakistan Rangers performed outstandingly by killing the suicide bombers who attacked police college Manawa. Rangers did what the police could not do. Example of Liyari Operation in Karachi is also the success story of Pakistan Rangers. It is perfectly managed through the Current DG Rangers Sindh.

In spite of playing its professional role, rangers of Pakistan sometimes got criticism on the side of media and politicians. It is supposed to be involved in the demolishment of the MQM party. Altaf Hussain the chief of MQM (Motheda Quomi Movement) pointed out rangers to be involved in the killing of his party workers. As institutions are deemed to be the backbone of a country’s worth, so treating rangers an institution we have to clear rangers from such sort of blames. This thing is truly a black spot in our country. Moreover, rangers need some more facilities in the form of training and money to perform freely and perfectly.

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