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Ethnic Issues And National Integration In Pakistan

Since the time of inception, Pakistan has been witnessing with so many ethnic issues that are much hard to handle it all around. As we all know that the creation of Pakistan was taken to be unique as it was completely based on the ideology and was sought after the roots of Islam religion.  This religion was taken to be the main more of the freedom movement of Pakistan that gathered the Muslims all under one platform. Pakistan was created as the laboratory platform where the Islamic based code of conduct was practiced without any sort of difference on the caste as well as region and sex. further read out below Ethnic Issues And National Integration In Pakistan.

Major Ethnic Issues in Pakistan:

                      There are basically three pillars of ethnicity generally and on the group’s basis in Pakistan. All the groups are differentiating from one another on the basis of certain circumstances. There are so many ethical issues in Pakistan that are destroying the roots of Pakistan foundation. Let’s discuss with some of the common issues:

  • Racial Base: First of the base is about the racial base. Every single group within Pakistan has its own sum of characteristics on the basis of the race. They do consider thinking about the domination of his race more than other.
  • Language: Second of the most important issue is connected with the language! Language is taken to be one of the most common things in all the ethnic groups all along with the common religion as well as political and so as the economic thinking too.

Ethnic Issues And National Integration In Pakistan

Emerging Issues of National Integration of Pakistan:

At the time of creation of Pakistan, it has to face too many of the exterior issues that somehow seemed to be impossible to bring into the resolution mode.  On the basis of these issues, India had a doubt on the survival of Pakistan.  In all such categories of the ethnic issues, some of the common were related to the finance as well as immigrant’s residence and the control over the water resources. Shifting of the other assets was also somehow taken to be one of the major issues as well. There was a big issue concerned with the stability was witnessed in Pakistan soon after the death of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It is big question that is being explained here about Ethnic Issues And National Integration In Pakistan

Ethnic Issues And National Integration In Pakistan

How Is National Integration the Major Problem of Pakistan?

We have always listened naming national integration as the main issue of Pakistan.  It is for sure in the turmoil condition as well.  Our political leaders have always made the use of India enmity as being one of the important elements inside the integration timeline. There are so many groups in our country who are taking into account so many of the aspects related to the nation building. Further get in touch with whoiswho.pk for further articles.

  • Some of the groups do think that provinces should be given away the autonomy. They should be given the responsibility in terms of collaboration with some other provinces.
  • There was a group that was based on the Two-Nation Theory who do think that Islam is the just element in the national integration.
  • The last group was based on the view of mixed aforementioned groups to some of the extent of this vision. They do take India as the threat to Pakistan. The whole nation now believes in this concept and writes on it.

collectively, it is all about the Ethnic Issues And National Integration In Pakistan

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