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Faisalabad Old Name is?

Question: Faisalabad Old Name is?

  • Kolachi
  • Lyallpur
  • Nurpur
  • Rawal

Answer: Lyallpur

 Faisalabad Old Name is Lyallpur

Faisalabad is known as the third most populated cities in Pakistan. It is a historical city place in Pakistan. Faisalabad was formerly known by the name of Lyallpur. It known as the third-most-populous city in Pakistan. In addition, it mentioned to be the second-largest in the eastern province of Punjab. However, on the historical basis, it was the very first planned cities within British India. It has now developed into a cosmopolitan metropolis. Faisalabad hence restructured into city district status by the year 2001 local government ordinance (LGO). The total area of Faisalabad District is 5,856 km2 whereas the area that under controlled by the Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) is 1,280 km2 around. Therefore, it has now shaped itself to be the major industrial and distribution center.

It has the whole system of the connecting roads, rails, and air transportation. It’s nickname as the “Manchester of Pakistan”. However, this city has been contributing with around 20 percent of Punjab’s GDP. It has an average annual GDP of $20.5 billion. Hence, Agriculture and industry are its main hallmarks of development. Do you know the name of largest Muslim country in the world by area?

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