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How Many Ayat In Quran

Question: How Many Ayat In Quran?

Answer: There are total 6666 ayats in Al-Quran

6666 Ayats In Quran if we combine all chapters together. Technically speaking ayats numbers with the Surah that can make reader clear about the ayats in quran. For example, Al fatihah is the surah and total number of ayat is 7. The second surah of quran is Al baqara surah with 286, third surah of quran is Al –imran with 200 ayats.

How Many Ayat In Quran

How Many Ayat In Quran

Which Is The Second Largest Surah In The Holy Quran

An nisa with 120 ayats, Al-anam with 165 ayat, Al araf with 206 ayat. Al anfal with 75 ayats, At taubah with 129 ayat, Yunus with 109 ayats, Hud with 123 ayats, yusuf with 111 ayats, Ar rad with 43 ayats. There are total 1 to 114 surah in quran. Now it is cleared that there are 6666 ayats in quran.

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