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How many constitutions of Pakistan Are?

How many Constitutions of Pakistan Are?

  • 2 Constitutions
  • 3 Constitutions
  • 4 Constitutions
  • 5 Constitutions

Answer: 3 Constitutions

There are 3 Constitutions of Pakistan i.e. 1956, 1962 and 1973

Do you know how many constitutions of Pakistan are? Constitution is the main foundation of any nation. It brings about the creation of national government consisting of a legislative, as well as an executive, and a judicial branch. In the history of Pakistan there are total three constitutions. The revived constituent assembly promulgated Pakistan’s first indigenous constitution in  1956. The second constitution held in 1962. In addition, Ayub Khan sought recommendations as in favor of the new constitution. The third and last constitution presented in 1973. This constitution is based on the factors of 280 articles and 7 schedules. Therefore it involved in creating the centralized federal system.

Must know about when Pakistan’s first constitution was adopted?

Constitutions of Pakistan

Pakistan First Constitution was adopted on 29 February 1956. It enforced on 23 March 1956. It represented by Governor General Iskander Mirza who was the first President of Pakistan. The Constitution of 1956 based on total 234 articles. It further divided into 13 parts and 6 schedules. In conclusion, every single constitution of Pakistan is based on the Islamic principles and laws. Hence, Urdu made the national language.

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