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How Many Division In KPK 2021?

Question: How Many Division In KPK 2021?

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Answer: 7

There are 7 division in KPK 2021

  1. Malakand Division
  2. Hazara division
  3. Mardan Division
  4. Peshawar Division
  5. Kohat Division
  6. Bannu division
  7. D.I.Khan Division

How Many Division In KPK 2021

How Many Division In KPK 2018

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One division further divided into tehsil and districts. It makes an infrastructure with respect to the divisional approach. The first malakand division for example has 5 ditrict and 25 tehsil in this single division. It has population of 30,523,371 according to the 2017 census. The second big division is Hazara division with 5,325,121 population for 2017 census. About 14 tehsil under district are there in this single division.

Mardan division comprises of 3,997,677 population with 7 Tehsil under the districts. Peshawar division has 7,403,817 population figure with 6 tehsil under districts. Kohat division has 2,218,971 population with 6 Tehsil in districts. Bannu division has 2044,074 with 4 tehsil and 2 districts, D.I.Khan division has 2,019,017 population and 6 Tehsil under the 2 districts. hope now you know the answer of How Many Division In KPK.

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