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Importance of Geographical Location of Pakistan

As it is all the more a known fact that Pakistan is simply known as the land of plains, and mountain ranges. It is rich in deserts and coastal belts. Further explained here about Importance of Geographical Location of Pakistan. This country of Pakistan has been sharing the Eastern Border known as Radcliffe Line with the country, India. On top of the Northern Side, it has been attached to the Sino Pak Border. In the Western Fronts, it is including with the boundaries of Durand Line with Afghanistan and the Gold Smith line with the country, Iran. The Arabian Sea has been accompanied by the limited area of the South side of the country. Pakistan has named itself to be one of the most prominent geographical patches of Asia. It has the total area of around 9,96096 km Square.

Importance of Geographical Location of Pakistan

Overview of Traditional Geographical Importance of Pakistan:

On the traditional category, the importance of geographic of Pakistan is defined on the basis of the following terms:

Pakistan Northern Western Border: The side of Pakistan North Western Border can be utilized as the access to the Central Asian Republics that is rich in the natural resources. It is known as the narrow strip of Afghan territory. It is situated as in between the Tajikistan and Pakistan. If it is used as the medium of the transit route then it can show the benefit to all the countries with respect to the trading.

Pakistan South Western Border: The South Western Border of Pakistan is connected with Iran. This turns out to give away the best importance in terms of the trading with the oil-rich country, Iran.

Pakistan Eastern Border: Next, the Eastern Border of Pakistan is connected with India. It is much utilized on the limited basis. Previously it was used as the route of free trading with India.  But it is used only at the condition if the states are best with their conflicts resolution. it is allowed with respect to Importance of Geographical Location of Pakistan.

Pakistan Northern Border: The Northern Border of Pakistan has been connected with China that is providing another access to route for China Products within Pakistan.

Importance of Geographical Location of Pakistan

An Overview Of Modern Geographical Importance of Pakistan

  1. The story of China Pakistan Economic Corridor: China Pakistan economic corridor scheme has been set up at the cost estimation of around $46 billion.  It is a complete game changer. It is coming across as the network of roads to add a link to the China city Kashgar with Gulf states of Pakistan.
  2. The Persian Gulf and Pars Gas Field: Gwadar port of Pakistan has been providing a complete set of access to the side of Gulf of Oman that has been all extending with the Strait of Hormuz to the form of Persian Gulf.

Ethnic Issues And National Integration In Pakistan

Hence the Importance of Geographical Location of Pakistan have been same. But the timeline of interpretations of the interests has been all the time changing as on the basis of the regional and so as the international dynamics.  Currently, Pakistan has been showing strong geographical relations with China that is giving much a developing growth to the economy of Pakistan as well.

Let’s see whether the relation of Pakistan border with India does go into resolving state in future or not!

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