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List of Thermal Power Stations in Pakistan

In today’s world mostly electricity is being generate through thermal sources such as coal, natural gas and petroleum etc explained Thermal Power Stations in Pakistan. It is the most expensive source of producing electricity. Traditionally, electricity in Pakistan has been generated by thermal source. In a thermal power station water is converted into steam that finally derives a generator which produces electricity. Presently in Pakistan share of thermal power generation is about 65 percent and here we will discuss about the List of Thermal Power Stations in Pakistan. Pakistan at this time has about 13 major thermal power stations. Guddu thermal power station is the biggest thermal power station of Pakistan with a total 2402 MW electricity generation power. Below are the details of Pakistan major thermal power stations.

List of Thermal Power Stations In Pakistan

Guddu thermal power station:

Guddu Thermal power station is the biggest Power Generation amongst the List of Thermal Power Stations in Pakistan. It was build in 1980 and financed by Union of soviet socialist republic (USSR). It is a gas fill thermal power generation unit. Total power generating capacity of guddu thermal power station is 2402 Mega Watt.

KAPCO (kot addu Power Company):

Kot Addu power Generation Company was initiated in 1996. It is located in Muzaffargarh. Kot Addu power plan generates 1600 megawatt electricity. It was build by WAPDA.

Hub Power Company limited:

Officially it is known as HUBCO. It is located at Hub in Lasbella district of Balochistan. Total power capacity of Hubco is 12 92 Mega Watt. It is a oil run thermal power plant.

Lalpir Power Limited:

It is a oil fire thermal power plant. Lalpir Power Limited was install in 1994 at Muzaffargarh Punjab. It has a total capacity of 362 megawatt electricity producing capacity.

Atlas Power Generation:

It is a joint deed of Man Diesel and Turbo company and Atlas group. It is located in Sheikhupura and total electricity producing capacity of this plant is 225 mw

Jamshoro Thermal power plant:

In the List of Thermal Power Stations in Pakistan name of this Power Plant cannot be neglect. It was install in 1998. Since 1999 it has been run and governed by WAPDA. Total power generating capacity of this power station is 850 mw

Faisalabad power plant:

Faisalabad power Generation Company is majorly a gas fire power generation company. It is located in Punjab district with a total capacity of 244 mw

Jamshoro Power Company limited:

It was the first power generation plant of Sindh that ever installed in the sindh. It is located on National Highway kotri about 150 kilometers away from Karachi. Total electricity generation capacity of this unit is 174 mw.

There is other List Thermal Power Stations in Pakistan but they are contributing a very little share in the total thermal power generation of Pakistan. shadra gas tribine is currently producing 59 mw. Panjgur producing 39 mw and Pasni thermal power plant located in Balochistan is currently producing 17 mw.

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