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Major Aziz Bhatti Essay In English

Major Aziz Bhatti Essay In English Will Give You An Idea That How much you as a student of a citizen of Pakistan you knew about Major Aziz Bhatti. Every possible measure considers here while writing about the person who deserved to be discussed. He born in 1928 in Hong Kong and commissioned 1950 with the Punjab Regiment. Even now, his village preserved his memories for every visitor over there. Every soldier has wished to devote his life to the Nation but the essay on this son of the nation shows some charismatic factors already in the personality of Major Aziz Bhatti. The essay fabricated in the English language that justified Title as well so every person can understand who was major Aziz Bhatti.

It is normal that nation independence demands pains at the major level. The way of Major Aziz Bhatti was different and history catching as well.

Major Aziz Bhatti Essay In English

Major Aziz Bhatti Essay In English

Every soldier has the common association with the call of the duty but major Aziz was the person beyond the call of the duty. He chooses to go beyond the call of the duty and sacrifice for the sake of Pakistan. His purpose was to save the nation nothing else. He personality was beyond the imagination.

He was company Commander in Burki Area of Lahore Sector. 6th September 1965 condition was incessant artillery. Five Days tank attacks never allow anyone to control over the mess. The decision of major Aziz Bhatti in such situation was motivating enough for Platoon as well. Strategically it made possible through the BRB canal. The constant fire from enemy small arms tanks, artillery never shows the pessimistic view of major Aziz Bhatti. These are some courageous events in the military history. These events will remain untouched in the history of war around the globe. The 10th September 1965 was death day that killed him at the age of 37.

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