MPA Stands For In Pakistan

Question: MPA Stands For In Pakistan

Answer: Minister Provincial Assembly In Pakistan

MPA Stands For In Pakistan is the questions and the question is simple. MPA duties in pakistan is another activity that is going to share according to the legislature. Law and order situation is totally under the capability of MPA in his constituency officially. MPA is not responsible for

  • for building roads
  • for building bridges
  • generally doing any tangible work in their constituency
  • getting transfers done
  • hiring new people to government departments

MPA Stands For In Pakistan

MPA Stands For In Pakistan

MPA has identical responsibilities with respect to the province. Provincial financial fund through National Finance Commission Award is being establish here at this way. Any order directly or indirectly relate to province can be taken with respect to the MPAs. Hope now you understand MPA Stands For In Pakistan.

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