PCS Stands For In Pakistan

PCS stands for Provincial Civil Services. It is the old name or form of PMS. The PCS exam is changed or modified with PMS. It is writing for PCS Stands For In Pakistan. PCS is an old term and PMS is the current term. It is a type of competitive exam held for the civil services posts. PCS organization is responsible for selecting civil servants for specific province (BPS-9 to BPS-20). PCS is quite different from PMS, PMS refers to the cadre. The PCS is comprises of three branches such as PCS-Executive Branch, PCS-Secretariat Branch, PCS-Judicial Branch. Hence PCS and PMS are same. PCS is divided into three parts that is Preliminary exams, main examinations and interview. Some of the common posts for PCS officer are as:

  • ETO (Excise and Taxation Officer)
  • Tehsildars
  • Superintendent of Jail
  • Excise Inspector
  • Stenographer
  • Zakat Officer
  • Manager Auqaf
  • DDOR etc
  • MBBS Doctors
  • Civil Judge
  • Veterinary Office

PCS Stands For In Pakistan

PCS Stands For In Pakistan

There are five PCS commissions are working in Pakistan for five provinces of Pakistan such as:

  1. www Punjab gov pk (for Punjab)
  2. www BPSC gov pk (for Baluchistan)
  3. www NMFPPSC gov pk (for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
  4. www SPSC gov pk (for Sindh)
  5. www AJKPSC gov ok (for Azad Kashmir)

PMS Stands For In Pakistan

Hence both PMS and PCS are competitive exam held by the commission. The scope of both these exams is high and demanding. There is a splendid and enormous scope for PMS and PCS officer at judicial and secretariat level. PMS and PCS is also consider the highest paying jobs within the boundary of Pakistan. But it is quite tough to compete this exam and pass it. PCS responsible for announcing vacancies for the empty posts of PCS, and selecting of candidates for announced post on merit list. For the progress of Pakistan at executive, secretariat and judicial level, the Pakistan youth has to take part in PCS exam have to score good in order to elect on the specific post, for the bright future of Pakistan. hope you can understand the idea of PCS Stands For In Pakistan.

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