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Population 2017 Census FATA

About 3.2 million of 1998 census now the 5 Million population recorded according to the 2017 census FATA. 57 percent population grows in FATA region. Settled areas are reevaluated in 2017 after 19 years. Military operations against militants in the region was devastating fact. Provincial figures of 2017 census makes the clear association. 1 million people in Bajaur agency makes it most populated tribal agency. It shows about 84 percent increase from  595,227 people who lived there in 1998.Khyber Agency has 986,973 residents with 80.5 percent increase. These figures are all about the Population 2017 Census FATA

It was 546,730 people in 1998. After these two populated regions according to the Population 2017 Census FATA, third one is the Khurram Agency according to the 38 percent increase in population in 2017 census. South Waziristan shows increase with 51 percent increase. 543,254 residents according to the census of 2007 that was 429,841 people in 1998. North Waziristan is the fifth one according to the population.

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Population 2017 Census FATA

5 Million population recorded according to the 2017 census FATA

Population 2017 Census FATA

source: tribune

  • FR D.I. Khan to 68,556
  • FR Kohat to 118,578
  • FR Lakki Marwat to 26,359
  • FR Peshawar to 64,691
  • FR Tank to 36,389
  • Orakzai Agency 254,356 residents
  • North Waziristan 543,254 residents
  • South Waziristan 679,185 residents
  • Kurram Agency 619,553 residents
  • Khyber Agency 986,973 residents
  • Bajaur Agency shows 84 percent increase from 595227

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It shows same 51 percent increase from 361,246 people in 1998. Currently, about 543,254 residents in the area. Orakzai agency is the seven ranked among tribal agencies with 254,356 residents in 2017 compared to the 225,441 in 1998. It shows the 12.8 percent increase. It is the agency with least increase population. The migration of residents from Orakzai agency is the only reason to show least effect on the population.

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