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Prime Minister Of Pakistan During 1971 War

Question: Prime Minister Of Pakistan During 1971 War?

  • Benazir’s Second Term
  • Moeenuddin Ahmad Qureshi
  • Nurul Amin
  • Nawaz’s Second Term

Answer: Nurul Amin

Nurul Amin was the prime minister just for 13 days. But these 13 days are important in the history. It is known as the limelight of the history. Democratically elected prime minister was in office from 7 December 1971 till the 20 December 1971. The 1971 war dates are December 3, 1971 – December 16, 1971. It means Amin was elected after 4 days of war and 20 December 1971 was the abolished date of prime minister designation. Indian side is making deal with the separatist. It was biggest active artillery support to the separatists.

Prime Minister Of Pakistan During 1971 War

War was started and ended on 17 December, 1971. It was different from previous wars between India and Pakistan. There was no accommodation for the demands for autonomy in East Pakistan in 1970. The resistance movement was so high that Pakistan army has to launch the campaign to suppress it.

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Prime Minister Of Pakistan During 1971 War

After all these activities, India signed a twenty-year treaty of peace and friendship with Soviet Union. The liberation force named as Mukti Bahini was the major cause of 3rd December 1971 air attack in the western sector. The Indian airfields were located there.

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