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Privacy Policy

Pakistangk.com never collects the information includes the personal shadow like first name, last name even email address unless or until you subscribed to us by your will. We process your information when you subscribed to us only by your agreement.


You have to accept the subscription platform terms and conditions to make the availability for the information towards you and your data including email, last name and first name towards us. The legitimate interest of Pakistangk.com is only to secure your information, testing about your information, maintenance and enhancement purposes. There is no other purpose then the purpose mentioned above.


Cookies is another platform that utilizes the disclosure of information to be stored on computers through the final aspect. Cookies may store the information on the website according to the systematic variety. Google Analytics mentioned in terms and conditions about the storage of cookies when user utilizes the page according to the worth storing aspect. The search term user utilizes term data as per website need development. User got the caution that Website is using the cookies. Cookies disclosure should inform users about the data usages which we are utilizing now a day.

Tracking Data

Every user on repeat basis never found the customized result because we don’t want to track the user activity through the website. It is possible for users to get the information as per the requirements and their ultimate way. customization includes the data being asked as per the need and development. So we will deny any kind of tracking data in such way that damages the user in future run.


Privacy Policy
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