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Rajasthan Pakistan Border Length Is?

Question: Rajasthan Pakistan Border Length Is?

  • 3332 Km
  • 2332 Km
  • 3232 Km
  • 3323 Km

Answer: 3323 Km

Rajasthan Pakistan Border Length is 3323KM

Rajasthan Pakistan Border Length is

Pakistan and India share the Line of Control LOC border with each other to let them identify as the separate two nations forever. It states that Rajasthan Pakistan Border has the length of around 3323Km. Indian shares the Line of Control as in Jammu & Kashmir sector as with Pakistan. So, this border has been all the more running along the states of the Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir. The Indo-Pakistan border has been all together put into the varied terrain and distinct geographical features.  Indian and Pakistan Border are also known by the name of International Border.

However, it demarcates the Indian states and also four provinces of Pakistan. This border does play an important role as for where it is separating the Kashmir from Pakistan in the north side of Wagah.  In addition, it also comprises the position of Zero Point. Hence, this Zero Point hence separates the Indian states of Gujarat and also the Rajisthan to Sindh Province of Pakistan in the South side. Do you know the name of International Border Line between India and Pakistan, if not just click here

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  1. Name the northern most village of Rajasthan which has border relation with Pakistan

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