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Short Note On Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula, Silent Features

Short Note On Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula will explain all aspects links to Bogra formula. Bogra formula was an effective approach to get the equal rights of provinces under the federal jurisdiction. The constitutional formula presented on 7th October 1953 means a lot towards the house of units. The Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula formula salient features are given below:

Federal legislature comprises two houses in which one house of the unit and other house of the people. The 50 strength of the house of the units divided further into five units named East Bengal, Punjab, Frontier states, NWFP, Sindh, Khairpur, and Balochistan. These states are true representations of the house unit elected indirectly by the legislature of the units. In short, Bogra formula reduced the number of units of West Pakistan into 4 units.

Short Note On Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula

The house of the people was to have three hundred members further divided among the five units in this manner. 165 members from East Bengal, 75 from Punjab, 19 from Sindh and 13 from NWFP. 1 is the state of khairpur, 3 for the Balochistan, 7 for the Bahawalpur.

Bogra Formula Also Known As Short Note On Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula

Equal power mantra was another big pick of Bogra Election of the head of state was the first agenda and disposal of votes of confidence was the second as per the provision for a joint session of the two. Both houses were to have equal powers in all matters.

If the point of difference occurred between the two houses than a joint session of the two houses will be the only solution. A majority vote during the joint session is the only way to resolve the issue. Minimum 30 percent votes for either side required to prove that point of conflict.

Silent Features Of Muhammad Ali Bogra Formula

East Pakistan and West Pakistan in combined houses going to shift as per the 175 seats for each zone. 175 seats each in the two houses of the legislative assembly required to go through as the sufficient policy implementation.

The basic teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah decided to retain under the board of the ULAMA. It is decided according to the law set by the Supreme court.

The electoral college for the presidential election developed under the two houses of the legislative assembly. Last but not the least is five years term of presidential elections.

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