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Tarbela Dam Location

Question: Tarbela Dam Location

  • Nowshera
  • Hasan Abdal
  • Abbottabad
  • Tarbela, Haripur District

Answer: Tarbela, Haripur District

Tarbela, Haripur District is known as Tarbela Dam Location. It is dammed work and reservoir and the project commenced in 19698. It was operational in 1978. It has about $1.49 bn projects as a project cost. The WAPDA is the owner and operator of the Tarbela Dam. It was financed by the world bank. Tarbela Dam Joint venture was the contractor in this project. It built on River Indus near the small town of Tarbela in Haripur district. The 11.62 million acre-feet or 1.43 billion cubic meters is the optimum capacity of the dam.

Tarbela Dam Location

Tarbela Dam Location

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Italian contactor makes it happened. The unregulated flows of the Indus river and tributaries since independence with great interest. The lowest level of the water is a trendy problem of Pakistan. The surplus flows has not reservoir to store. Tarbela Dam Location is ideal for the water storage but with proper policy. Surplus flows is there which make the irrigation system as strong as it should be. The previous two projects by the world bank were appreciated but in real times, this project has its own uniqueness. Tarbela Dam Location make it ideal but need for the perfect water storage ideas.

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  1. I think turbela dam location swabi and haripur district

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