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The Largest University of Pakistan by Area?

Question: The Largest University of Pakistan by Area?

  • Behria University
  • Government College University
  • Lahore University
  • Punjab University

Answer: Punjab University

Punjab University is the Largest University of Pakistan by Area

The Largest University of Pakistan by Area

Punjab University is one of the oldest and biggest universities in Asia. It is a public research university center located in Lahore. It is known to be one of the well established and one of the reputable educational universities in Pakistan. Since the year 1882, this educational university put into the custody of the educational world as it set up by the British Government. After the partition of Pakistan, it made the part of Pakistan. However, It has total 63 faculty departments. Moreover, it is all the more located 12 kilometers as in the south of the Allama Iqbal Campus. Itspread over an area of 1,800 acres.

Furthermore, this educational university offering graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. They do have the programs of various disciplines that are based on the subjects of the electrical as well as chemical plus software and industrial management.  Hence, it has its sub-campuses located in the cities of Gujranwala, Khanspur, Jhelum, and Himalayan. Do you know how many rivers in Pakistan?


  1. University of Karachi is the largest university of Asia by Area, so its wrong answer

  2. State its area.

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