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Upcoming Hydropower Projects Of Pakistan

Hydra power generation is the second significant source of power generation in Pakistan. Hydropower share in total power generation of Pakistan is about 30 percent. Being very feasible for hydro-electricity power generation new dams and new hydropower generation units are being installed in Pakistan. Currently, in Pakistan, there are about 15 hydropower projects are under construction. List of these Upcoming Hydropower Projects Of Pakistan is given below.

Upcoming Hydropower Projects Of Pakistan

Upcoming Hydropower Projects Of Pakistan

Gulpur Hydropower Projects:

Gulpur power project is an under construction Hydropower project of Pakistan. It is one of the upcoming Hydropower Projects of Pakistan which is located on the Poonch river in Kotli, a district of AJK. It has the total generation capacity of 100 MW. On January 2014 this project was started to complete in 2019. It is constructing under the supervision of WAPDA. In 2019, it is assumed to add in the national grid

Karot Hydro Power Project:

Karot Hydropower project is a run-of-river project. This dam is installed on the River Jhelum near the villages of Karot in Punjab and holler in Azad Jammu &Kashmir. 720 MW is the total power generation capacity of this project. It is the part of Pak- China economic corridor project. China is the primary investor in this project. In 2021, this project will make a part of the national grid.

Sukri Kinari:

It was constructing on Kunhar River in Kaghan district of Kpk with a power generation capacity of 870 MW. It is also a part of Pak-china economic corridor. It is 54.5 m high and 336 meters long. With a construction cost of 1.9 billion $, it is expected to complete in 2021.

Kohala Project:

It is under construction on river Jhelum.1100 MW is the total power generation capacity of this project. It is about 57 m high and 212 m long. Estimated construction cost for this dam is 2.4 billion $. It is expected to add in national grid in 2021

Chakoti Hattian:

Power generation capacity of Chakothi Hattian project is 500 MW. It is also one of the upcoming hydropower projects of Pakistan which is being constructed on Jhelum River in AJK region. The estimated cost of construction for this project is 1.10 billion $. It is expected to anticipate in national grid in 2024.

List of Thermal Power Stations in Pakistan


It is a proposed dam on river Kandian in KPK with a power generation capacity of 548 MW. Telecom Valley Pvt is sponsoring it. It is assumed to be a part of the national grid in December 2024.

Mahal Dam:

It is a run-of-river project expected to be complete in December 2024 with a generation capacity of 590 MW.

Azad Pattan:

Alamgir power Pvt is the sponsor of this dam. With a total power generation capacity of  640 MW, this dam will be added in the national grid in 2024. It is being constructed on river Jhelum.

These are the major upcoming hydropower projects of Pakistan. A bunch of small and medium-size projects was also constructed at the different site that will be a part of national electricity in the coming years. Power generation capacity and location site of those projects is given below

Median hydropower:  Location: swat river, capacity; 157 MW

Rajdhani:       location: Poonjh river: capacity:132mw

Asrit Kidam:  location: swat river:  capacity: 215 MW

Anthmuqam:  location: Nelum rive: capacity: 315 MW

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