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War of Independence 1857 Short Note

War of Independence 1857 also called Sepoy mutiny, Indian rebellion, as well as is an important milestone in the history and it is composed start of War of Independence 1857 Short Note. In that time British were dominating in India and the force of India fought this war against the British force. The war has its roots in various fields like political, religious, social and economic issues.

War of Independence 1857 Short Note

Therefore, the war was confined to certain locations like Meerut, Delhi etc. Indians tried a lot to win this war but unfortunately, due to jealousy among the central parties lead to their failure. The main causes of the War are as follow includes in the War of Independence 1857 Short Note

  • Political:

The main reason was the language too when the English language was replaced with the Persian this created a lot of disputes among British and India. However, British tried a lot to grab away the lands. It annoyed many people.

  • Religious and Social:

It is said that who has its control so as their habits too same is with the British as their rule was dominant so as their culture. India was inferior to British and British were superior to India. They always make them feel down to Indian culture. Therefore, Indians were degraded by British in terms of education and civilization. British were smart and they make their way by the inventions of the telegraph, roads, and railways. Indians feel their downfall as their culture was distorted. Hence, no people were praying to their God everyone was talking about Christianity in schools too included War of Independence 1857 Short Note

  • Economic:

Economic fall was one of the main reasons for War. British snatched all things from Indians and imposed high taxes on everything. Similarly, they were doing a lot of corruption Indians were getting poor day by day and this was the most annoying situation for them.

  • Military:

No Indian soldier will make a military officer.

The Events of 1857


So many of the Indian Soldiers refused to bite the cartridges as they were greased with the pig fats. This event took place on 6th May 1857. 85 out of 90 soldiers were imp rosined on refusing this offer. However, they were exposed off and beaten in the whole crowd. As a result, they get annoyed and open revolt against British.


The Indians soldiers on 11th May reached Delhi and British cannot resist them. In this period Bahadur Shah Zafar was Emperor of India.


Nana Sahib Struggle at Kanpur and many British fell into his hands. So, Nana Sahib recaptured Kanpur and died in December.


Nawab Wajid Ali Shah did struggle for independence in Lucknow. The struggle for independence at Lucknow was led by Nawab, Wajid Ali Shah.

Reasons for Failure of War of Independence 1857

  • Lack of Unity
  • British Strength

The Effects of the War:

After the war British stop funding Muslims and as a result Muslims didn’t accept the British rules. Hence, after 1857 the control was unchallenged in India from British. if you want to contribute then please stay feedback through comment section about the War of Independence 1857 Short Note.

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