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What Is FATA Reforms Bill?

The FATA reforms bill is trending topic for those who are still looking for the information about the FATA reforms bill. The article 1 subclause 2 (c) stated that tribal areas would know as the territory of Pakistan.  There was huge debate goes on this clause. Parliamentarians argued territory of Pakistan means they should have equal rights.  Tribespeople is enjoying the same rights as the full citizen of Pakistan. The FATA reforms bill also include amendments to the geographical description of the tribal areas. It is all about the What Is FATA Reforms Bill.

Further FATA reforms bill includes all agencies of FATA as the sole provincially administered tribal areas PATA. Tribes’ people after the FATA reforms bill can climb out of their ongoing predicament.  The constitutional amendment focused on the merger of FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

What Is FATA Reforms Bill?

What is Fata reforms bill

The title of FATA reform Bill is Thirty-First Amendment Act required amendments in Article no 1, 51, 59, 62, 106, 155 and 246. These amendments collectively make the FATA reforms bill. After the merger according to the bill there will be no separate identity in the Senate. Reduction of Senate seats from 104 to 96  members directly deal after the separate representation.

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