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What is Importance of Zakat and Its Social Benefits

Importance of Zakat and Its Social Benefits

Islam is a universal religion that covers all the aspects of the life for the humanity. It is the religion of true peace and equality. Islam means submission and obedience to the will of God. The entire Islam is based upon five pillars. First is Shadat means confirmation of the absolute oneness of Allah. The second pillar is Salat that means the performance of the prayers in the proper manner. The third is Zakat means purification in the form of wealth to the needy people. The fourth pillar is Salah that means the month of wholeheartedly fasting during Ramadan. The last pillar is Hajj that is the devotional stages of the Muslims relationship with God. The entire foundation of Islam depends upon these five pillars. But we are going to exhibits the importance of Zakat in Islam and social benefits.

What is Zakat All About?

Zakat means growth or purification. In this aspect, every Muslim is required to pay 2.5 percent of their wealth section among the needy, beggars, poor and those people who deserve to give the money. This duty of Muslims has even stated in the Quran for the rich people. Zakat is all about supporting the poor and needy people. However, it rightly said that all the things are in the custody of God and wealth is just in the hands of the human beings as being the trust.  In simple words, we can even call Zakat with the name of being growth and purification. But a specific percentage of your wealth should be distribute among the certain classes of needy people. Hence, the percentage which is due on gold, silver, and cash funds.

Important of Zakat and its Social Benefits:

  • Proof of Truthfulness of Faith: The importnce of zakat can be realise by its truthfulness and faith. The zakat marked to be the proof of the truthfulness of the faith. Therefore, this is for the reason that the money is loved by souls and what you love cannot be sacrificed. In simple terms, you can often make it known as the Sadaqah or the charity in the path of Allah The Almighty.
  • Purifies the Morals of Payer of Zakah: Giving the Zakat will purify the Zakat as well.  It would completely be disconnecting him from the world of misers and add them to the group of the generous. It would purify their soul and so as nature.
  • Reaching Rank of Perfect Believer: It would make the person reach the rank of the perfect believer as well. The Prophet Sallallahu  `Alayhi  was  Sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) said: “None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” [Muslim] So, as one loves to be given money to satisfy his needs, he should also love to give it to his brother. By doing so, one will have perfect faith. Do you know why are the Ahmadis considered to be Non-Muslims?

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