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What Is Pakistan Average Temperature?

Question: What Is Pakistan Average Temperature?

  • 18 Degrees Celsius
  • 19 Degrees Celsius
  • 20 Degrees Celsius
  • 21 Degrees Celsius

Answer: 20 Degrees Celsius

20 Degrees Celsius Is the Pakistan Average Temperature

What Is Pakistan Average Temperature

So hope the answer clarifies the question What Is Pakistan Average Temperature? December average temperature in Pakistan is 10.83 Degrees Celsius as compared to November average temperature in Pakistan which is 16.09. In the January has average temperature is 9.5 degrees Celsius. After the January the trends of temperature increased month by month. It means that 10.4 degrees Celsius recorded in February of every year that makes the pattern of what is the average winter temperature in Pakistan? March month average temperature counter conclude at 15.9. Furthermore, April month make a massive difference in March temperature, and almost 80 percent temperature rises in April. If we talk averagely then it would be 23.08 Degrees Celsius in the month of April. Finally, during these months the little bit balance temperature found which starts from April and continued till October. A one or two degrees Celsius difference can be observed during this month which is reasonable according to the change. These all changing trends make what is the average temperature in Pakistan in the summer?

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