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What is the Height of Minar-e-Pakistan?

Question: What is the Height of Minar-e-Pakistan?

  • 50 Meters
  • 60 Meters
  • 70 Meters
  • 80 Meters

Answer: 70 Meters

The Height of Minar-e-Pakistan Is 70 Meters

What is the Height of Minar-e-Pakistan

Minar-e-Pakistan is the well known national monument. It is located in the Lahore City. However, this tower built in between the years 1960 and 1968. On this site, All-India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution as on 23 March 1940. Minar-e-Pakistan was designed and supervised by the engineer and architect that belong to Punjab. So, the foundation stone of this monument put on 23rd March 1960. In addition, it took almost the duration of 8 years to get finish the construction. It completed on 21 October 1968. The estimated cost of the construction was about Rs 7,058,000. Moreover, the base of the tower is about 8 meters above the ground. Hence, the tower is rising above the 62 meters on the base.

The height of Minar-e-Pakistan is about 70 meters just as above the ground. While the unfolding petals put together in the finishing of the flower-like base are 9 meters high. The diameter of the tower is about 9.75 meters. The base settled with four platforms. Therefore, these Platforms are beautifully inscribed with the Quranic Verses as well as 99 names of Allah. However, It also inscribes the national anthem of Pakistan in Urdu and Bengali language.

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