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What is the High Treason in Pakistan?

Question: What is the High Treason in Pakistan?

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Answer: Article no. 6

Article no. 6 is called the High Treason in Pakistan

Do you know what is high treason in Pakistan? Article No 6 of the constitution is named as “High Treason”. Therefore, high treason in Pakistan is the major part of the constitution that described in the Article No 6 of the constitution. However, according to this amendment, any person who abrogates or subverts or even suspends Constitution as by use of force or try to show some force through unconstitutional means. Then he, will be found as guilty of high treason. It also includes any person who is aiding to get into collaboration with the acts mention in the clause (1) will be guilty of high treason.

However, the act of high treason has been mentioned in the clause 1 and clause 2. In addition, the High Treason Act says:“An Act to provide for the punishment of persons found guilty of acts of abrogation or subversion of a Constitution or of high treason”.  Moreover, it thereby enacted to be a short title or the commencement. Hence, this act can often be name as the High Treason (Punishment) Act, 1973. Do you know how many constitutions of Pakistan?

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