Question: What Is The Name Of Border Line Between India And Pakistan?

  • LOC
  • Demarcated Line
  • Wagah
  • Radcliffe Line

Answer: Radcliffe Line

After the partition of India and Pakistan with the Independence Day a line of partition or border was drawn between two nations to state them as two separate nations. However, Radcliffe Line is the name of the International Border Line between India and Pakistan. Therefore, it turns out to be the main border between the India and Pakistan on 17 August 1947 after the Partition of India. So, the name of this border was after the architect of the international border line named as Radcliffe. The line was all the more put into the decision by the Border Commissions as supervised by Sir Cyril Radcliffe.

In addition, it was all the more divided as equitably on the basis of 175,000 square miles of territory with 88 million people. The Kashmir side of the partition is known as Line of Control as (LOC).  This line basically developed as after the partition of Indian when the Kashmir issues were high on its attention.  Hence, this borderline made India and Pakistan a complete separate two nations forever about the What Is The Name Of Border Line Between India And Pakistan?

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