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What is the National Crop of Pakistan?

Question: What is the National Crop of Pakistan?

  • Maize
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Wheat

Answer: Wheat

Wheat is the National Crop of Pakistan

What is the National Crop of Pakistan

Wheat is the national crop of Pakistan. It has made itself one of the most important grains and staple food of Pakistan. It is food resource of more than one-third of the Pakistan population. This crop is sown on almost 220 million hectares as all over the world, with almost 564.6 million tons production. This one of the main staple foods. It takes into account with almost 36 percent of the total cropped area. It also holds on with the 30 percent of the value that is added by major crops. Almost 76 percent of the total production in the foodgrains is in limelight with Pakistan that plays a major role. Furthermore, Pakistan is becoming one of the major wheat exporters as well. In the wheat production sector, Pakistan has been standing on the 10th place in terms of 8.5 million hectares of area.  However, it produces 21 million ton of wheat on annual basis. Moreover, in Pakistan, the average per acre yield of wheat is around 20 and 25 mounds. Do you what is the national animal of Pakistan? if not just click here on the link

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