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What Is The National Sport Of Pakistan

Question: What Is The National Sport Of Pakistan?

  • Cricket
  • Polo
  • Hockey
  • Soccer

Answer: Hockey

Hockey National Sport of Pakistan

Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan. The cricket is most famous sport in Pakistan. Other renowned sports in Pakistan are football, squash and hockey. These are extremely popular. Ministry of education establish Pakistan sports board in 1962 as the corporate body. It is well-known with respect to the promoting, developing and uniform standards of competition in sports in Pakistan.

National Sport Of Pakistan

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It is comparable to standard to make it internationally viable. The hockey is chosen as national sport of Pak and every action lead to its development must be prioritizing. Pakistan sport trust is the major financial body for Pakistan sports board. It consists of players and associations that reflect as participating in sports. Pakistan hockey federation is the official organization that link with the performance of national hockey team of Pakistan. hope know you get the point of National Sport Of Pakistan.

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