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What is the salary of MBBS Doctor in Pakistan?

Question: What is the salary of MBBS Doctor in Pakistan?

  • Rs.10,000 to Rs.12000
  • Rs.12000 to Rs. 14000
  • Rs.15000 to Rs. 25000

Answer: Rs.15000 to Rs.25000

Salary of MBBS Doctor in Pakistan is 15,000-25,000

What is the salary of MBBS Doctor in Pakistan

MBBS is the degree course based on doctor and medicine field. MBBS is the abbreviation of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Salary of MBBS doctor after MBBS and doing house job is in between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000. MBBS is basically 5.5 years of academic course. 4.5 years are based on academic education. Remaining 1 year is for an internship that is mandatory. Students who have studied medical subjects in their intermediate program course can do MBBS as further study option. All the doctors doing MBBS have to get themselves registered from PMDC in Pakistan. However, this field is adopted by both male and female. In addition, its career scope takes the students to the fields of public and private hospitals, science research laboratories, clinics, and army medical services.

Major subjects in MBBS are Anatomy, ENT, Medicine, Behavioral Sciences, Biochemistry, Community Medicine, surgery, pediatrics, radiology, and Ophthalmology. Therefore, in 4 years of MBBS education, each year consists of almost 10-11 courses or subjects to study upon. However, this profession is one of the reputable professions in Pakistan. You can also find what is the salary of CA in Pakistan?

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