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When did Pakistan Became a Nuclear Power?

Question: When did Pakistan Became a Nuclear Power?

  • 8th May 1988
  • 18th May 1998
  • 28th May 1989
  • 28th May 1998

Answer: 28th May 1998

Pakistan Become a Nuclear Power on 28th May 1998

What Happened on 28th May 1998

On 28th May 1998 made itself to be the country who experiment on the nuclear testing to become a nuclear power country. Chagai-I is named to be the testing process that was done by Pakistan on 28th May 1998. This was the day when Pakistan becomes the nuclear power. However, this is the code of five simultaneous underground nuclear tests that conducted by Pakistan at 15:15 hrs PST on 28 May 1998. This test was all the more performed at Ras Koh Hills in the Chagai District of Balochistan Province.  Therefore, this was Pakistan’s first public test of nuclear weapons. Its timing taken to be the direct response to India’s second nuclear tests that was on 11 and 13 May 1998.  Right through by carrying out the medium of testing nuclear devices, Pakistan made itself to be the seventh nation to publicly test nuclear weapons. On the contrary, Pakistan did with the second nuclear test named as Chagai-II to be followed on 30 May 1998. Hence, this day marked as the hallmark proud moment in the historical pages of Pakistan.

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