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When did Pakistan Became a Republic?

Question: When did Pakistan Became a Republic?

  • 29th February 1956
  • 29th February 1962
  • 23rd March 1973
  • 23rd March 1956

Answer:  23rd March 1956

The Pakistan Became Republic on 23rd March 1956

Most of us really don’t know about when did Pakistan became a republic? As we all know that Pakistan achieved the separate homeland with a hard partition on 14th August 1947. In 23rd March 1956, Pakistan was honored with the privileged title of being the federal republic. For quite a long time period, it remained under the ruling leadership of the military.  So, Liaquat Ali Khan was the first prime minister of Pakistan. Therefore he was assassinated in the year 1951. It was after the nine years of hard struggle, that Pakistan was at last able to frame up the constitution structure.

The Constituent Assembly adopted it on 29 February in the year 1956. It enforced as on 23rd March 1956. This proclaims Pakistan to stand by the name of “Islamic Republic”. Choudhry Rahmat Ali stood as the main figure in bringing Pakistan closer to the image of conception. He did play a vital role in raising his voice with the creation of Pakistan ever since the year 1948. This lead to the arrival of the constitution in Pakistan for a proper establishment setup!

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