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When First Martial Law was Imposed in Pakistan?

Question: When First Martial Law was Imposed in Pakistan?

  • 1956
  • 1965
  • 1958
  • 1973

Answer: In 1958

The First Martial law was Imposed in Pakistan on 1958

Since the time of Independence, Pakistan has been under the rule of the army so many times as almost half of the period of its life. Martial law  welcomed in the Pakistan nation for the period of three times. The first martial law was impose in Pakistan on 1958 in between 7th October to 27th October by President Sikandar Mirza in Pakistan. He was the former chief of the army just as before he took the charge of Pakistan president office. He was from East Pakistan. Sikandar Mirza gives away the order to the military as to mobilize in 1958 when he did get to know that Feroz Khan noon the then prime minister directly conflicting in the midst of the political gains. Just as after martial law, Iskander Mirza made Ayub Khan on the post of chief martial law administrator.

Martial laws further put into the preceding by a curfew. On 8 October 1958, Iskander Mirza came up with the announcement of radio for the introduction of the new constitution. It said to be suit as according to the genius of Pakistan. But nothing of such kind happened! You can also find here how many constitutions in Pakistan?

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