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When Pakistan’s First Constitution was Adopted?

Question: When Pakistan’s First Constitution was Adopted?

  • 23rd March, 1950
  • 23rd March, 1951
  • 20th March, 1965
  • 23rd March, 1956

Answer: 23rd March, 1956

On 23rd March 1956 Pakistan’s First Constitution was Adopted

Pakistan’s First Constitution was Adopted

In building any nation stronger and developing, the involvement of constitution is important. So, the constitution establishes a rising power between the regions of the federal government and the states. As by putting forward so many of the efforts, at last after nine years, Pakistan was successful in framing the new set of the constitution. The Constituent Assembly adopted it on 29 February 1956. It enforced on 23 March 1956. It was proclaiming Pakistan to be an Islamic republic. According to this constitution, the name of the country declared the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Therefore, the constitution was based on 234 Articles, preamble, and 13 chapters. It was long for the reason of making it a fully exhaustive from the leaders. This constitution was as the whole based on Islamic principles.

On the basis of this constitution, just the national assembly of Pakistan was the sole legislature in the center.  In addition, Elections to be arrange on the basis of adult franchise. So that the system of Government attained to be Federal. In addition, all the provinces given away the autonomy as under constitution. Hence, Urdu and Bengali both declared as national languages at that time.

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