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Where Is Bangladesh Located Geographically?

Question: Where Is Bangladesh Located Geographically?

  • South Africa
  • South India
  • South Asia
  • South Pakistan

Answer: South Asia

Bangladesh Located Geographically In South Asia

where is bangladesh located geographically

The answer of Where Is Bangladesh Located Geographically is the South Asia because it is one of the populated area with mix culture. It is densely-populated as well as riverine country location in South Asia It has about 580 Km means about 360 MI on the northern littoral of bay of Bengal. The delta plain of the Ganges like Padma, Jamuna, Meghna rivers and tributaries which occupy 79 percent of the country. Its location name is bagladesh or continent through the Bangladesh aspect in the best representation. Borders between the India and Burma clarify its location as well.

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