First Female Prime Minister Of India

Question: Who Became The First Female Prime Minister Of India?

Answer: Indrina Gandhi

PM goes about as a political pioneer, representative and is head for the legislature. A head administrator can summon and senior priest of the bureau. It alludes to the head of government and has superlative capacity to reject and choose any individual from bureau and parliament. There are such a large number of vital capacities and obligations are playing by Prime Minister in India. In India Prime Minister is the head of the government, head of the cabinet and the executive branch.  Prime minister chair the Cabinet, appoints ministers. The prime minister supervises coordinates, prepare and implement the Government programmers.

First Female Prime Minister Of India

Indrina Gandhi is the one and only female prime minister of India. Indrina Gandhi became the head of the Congress after the death of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. Her life duration was   19 November 1917 – 31 October 1984. She was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India. She served the nation from 1966-1984 and her life ended in assassination. During her childhood, she was an intelligent, hardworking and stubborn child.

First Female Prime Minister Of India

Her mother died in 1936 due to tuberculosis. She was married to Feroze Gandhi in 1942. She joined the Congress party in 1955 and after the death of her father, she was elected as the prime minister in 1964. During the early period, Indrina was highly criticized and was called as Dumb Doll of Congress. Indrina did a lot for her country, at that time there was a big conflict between East and West Pakistan. Gandhi called Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and both parties signed a Simla agreement in a peaceful way. During this time, chronic food shortages affected the poor Sikhs and Gandhi arranged surplus of grains and ordered Indians Invasion in support of the creation of separate homeland for Bangladesh. it is all about the First Female Prime Minister Of India.

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Moreover, the great prime minister gives her country underground nuclear devices in 1974. Despite these advancements, she also faced criticism and was called as corrupt. In the elections of 1975 high court found her dishonest, and said that she has illegal election practices and is using the resources of government. But she proved that she is a brave lady, her opponents tried a lot that she should resign and make games against her but instead of resigning, she imprisoned her opponents. She was jailed in 1978 due to corruption cases but she won elections in the following year. In 1980, she gained her power of prime minister again. Lok Sabha, the lower level of parliament.

In 1980, she returned to power as prime minister. In 1980 her Son who had been chief political adviser died in New Delhi. She was famous because of making Indian foreign policy. She was in women empowerment and believes that women can do anything. She was given the award of BHARAT RATNA after leading India to Victory against Pakistan. Gandhi was shot by her bodyguards in 1984, in revenge for the attack at Golden Temple. hope now you understand about Who Became The First Female Prime Minister Of India.

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