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Who Did Present The Objective Resolution 1949?

Do you know about Who Did Present The Objective Resolution 1949? After the creation of Pakistan, it was decided that country soon will be provided with a constitution. To run the early affairs of the country 1935 Indian constitution was promulgated in the country. The task of making the constitution was given to the government of Pakistan which was working under the leadership of Liaqat Ali Khan. Liaqat Ali Khan’s government, considering the future aims of Pakistan defined a road for the future constitution of Pakistan by passing an objective resolution on 12 March 1949. The Resolution was presented before the quorum on 7th of March. Passing through under debate this Resolution was got passed on 12th of March. Through this Resolution It was declared that Pakistan will not be part of any world bloc neither Capitalist nor Communist rather it will design its own path and constitution of the country will be formulated on the basis of democratic principles of Islam.

Who Did Present The Objective Resolution 1949?

Who Did Present The Objective Resolution

Answer: Liaqat Ali Khan

Key Points of Resolution:

Objective Resolution was actually a merge of both Islamic principles and western democratic principles. In this Resolution, it was clearly mentioned that sovereignty only belongs to Allah, and He will only be considered supreme while governing country. Below are the main features of Who Did Present The Objective Resolution 1949?

  • Sovereignty will of Allah
  • Allah is all powerful and people of Pakistan will exercise power within the limits prescribed by Allah in Quran.
  • Muslims are independent to exercise their lives according to the teachings of Islam
  • Minorities are free to live as per of teachings of their religions.
  • State Pakistan will be responsible if any injustice is done to the rights of minorities
  • The sovereignty of country will be supreme. No other state will be allowed to interfere in the sovereignty of the country
  • Pakistan will make relation to the rest of world’s per of her interest no state can force the country in the matter of interests.

Criticism and Appraisals:

By declaring these points in the Objective Resolution, leaders of Pakistan denounced the hegemony of the then two superpowers namely, America and USSR. But this Resolution being religious in nature was criticized by minorities. Sris Chandhya Chattopadhyay, a Dhaka based opposition leader in the constituent assembly of Pakistan criticized this document bitterly. Declaring Objective Resolution a religious and faulty document, he negated the rules of resolution and proposed not to make constitution on the basis of this Resolution.

He proposed sovereignty of people rather sovereignty of Allah.  Birat Chandra Mandal said this document is total against the will of Quaid E Azam who wanted to make Pakistan a secular state. Additionally, some Muslim leaders also criticized this document  Ayaz Mir, a prominent leader of that time uttered this document a rhetoric piece. Abu Ali Mododi opined about this Resolution a rain that never preceded by a cluster of clouds nor it followed by vegetation.  While Liaqat Ali Khan talking in the favor of Resolution proclaimed it primarily important for the future of Pakistan.

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