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Who Drafted Pakistan Resolution

Question: Who Drafted Pakistan Resolution?

Answer: Quaid-i-azam Mohammad ali Jinnah and allies listed below Drafted Pakistan Resolution

Pakistan resolution draft is really a confusing aspect that means to get detailed paradigm about the facts. In reality, it was drafted by Quaid-i-azam Mohammad ali Jinnah at first, Nawab Muhammad Ismail Khan at second, Sir Sikander Hayat Khan at third and Malik Barkat Ali at fourth.

Who Drafted Pakistan Resolution

Who Drafted Pakistan Resolution

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The evening of March 21 was selected to prepare the draft. Nawab Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot residence choose for the Pakistan Resolution. After the draft was completed, Liaquat ali Khan was honoured to present in front of subject committee and approved as well. The promotion of false information about the Pakistan resolution draft should be avoided at all level because true information processed here under Who Drafted Pakistan Resolution.

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