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Who Is Abdul Hafeez Kardar? Profile And Career

Who Is Abdul Hafeez Kardar? Profile And Career

The Information page has been created which mean the profile will discuss that he was born on 17 Jan 1925 in Lahore Punjab. The 21 April 1996 was death date. The aged of 71 years 95 days makes him best towards the Team India, Pakistan, Muslims, Northern India, Oxford University, Services Pakistan and finally the Warwickshire. His remarkable services to the Cricket make him legendry Cricket Player. Hope now you understand Who Is Abdul Hafeez Kardar?

Who Is Abdul Hafeez Kardar

Abdul Hafeez Kardar Profile

He had known as father figure of today cricket In Pakistan. He termed as important Character in the history of the country makes him opportunist towards the many milestones in Cricket. The first test match played by him in 1952. The conflict rises after his first test match in 1952. The forefront events make him in a position to resign over the protest against the government interference. He makes his reputation as fearless cricket originated from Pakistan all done with the Abdul Hafeez Kardar Profile. He was left-handed batsman in response to any bowler even consider as giants of bowling career. Warwickshire is estimated as the captaincy so he believed to create the victory as per the designed approach.

Abdul Hafeez Kardar Career

There are 23 Matches as captain secures many victories. The criticism even did not make any change with respect to the great achievements of his life. The era between 1972 to 1977 was the golden era of his life. He had many associations to remain intact with the Pakistan as the Cricket Star. It is possible to maintain the idea about Abdul Hafeez Kardar Career in this narrative.

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