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Who Is Civil Servant In Pakistan

Question: Who Is Civil Servant In Pakistan?

Answer: Workman according to workman’s compensation act 1923, and worker according to worker factories act 1934 In Pakistan

According to 1973 civil servants act civil servant represents in section 2 (b) as civil servant is the person who is member of an all Pakistan service. The civil service of the federation also termed person as civil servants according to legislature of Pakistan. Person holds a position in connection to Pakistan’ federation is known as civil servants. National Commission for Government Reforms decides the fate of civil servant in Pakistan. 3.4 million at the federal and provincial level makes the gigantic Pakistan’s public sector. Civil servant means the worker and workman according to factories act 1934 and workman’s compensation act 1923.

Who Is Civil Servant In Pakistan

Who Is Civil Servant In Pakistan

The work force that break down is between the federal and provincial level. At federal level about 18.23 employees recruited at secretariat, 251,187 employees at attached departments of secretariat. Civilians paid out of defence are 168,170, civilian armed forces are 124,080. Therefore civil servant of at federal level are 951,383. It is all about the way forward that amalgamates at the provincial level means Punjab  has 863,896, Sindh about 461,247, NWFP about 268,285 and Balochistan about 167,144.

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First time the work service of Pakistan use in Article 260 (1) of 1973 constitution of Pakistan. Section 2(1) of civil servants act 1973 shows the upgraded version of service of Pakistan expression named as Civil servant. At that time, criterion of services of Pakistan and civil servants is entirely different. Services of Pakistan at that time cannot termed as civil servants automatically. Government and public sector reflect under the civil servants act of 1973. hope you will get the chance of Who Is Civil Servant In Pakistan.

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