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Who Is Current Chairman Senate Of Pakistan 2019?

Q. Who Is Current Chairman Senate Of Pakistan 2019?

Raza Rabbani
Sadiq Sanjrani
Nayyar Bukhari
Farooq Naek

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Sadiq Sanjrani

Senate in any democratic state plays equal active political role as that of national assembly. Both national assembly and senate constitute the parliament. Pakistan senate came into force after the promulgation of 1973 constitution. Initially, it had 100 members and after 18th amendment the number of senators extended to 104. Article 59 of constitution of Pakistan deals in the power of senate. Senate of Pakistan contrary to senate of America has least role to perform.

Moving more towards the Who is Current Chairman Senate of Pakistan then Current senate of Pakistan is consisted of 104 members. All the senators have equal representation from each province. From each province excluding technocrats and ullmas 14 senators get elected.8 senators are elected from Federally administrated tribal agencies (FATA) and two from the capital Islamabad.In the quota of senate each province can send 4 technocrats 4 women and 1 non Muslim. Whereas,1 technocrat and 1 woman are selected from capital city Islamabad.

So far as the purpose of Senate is concerned ,it was designed to give equal representation of all provinces in the parliament as the national assembly mainly based on population. Since long, in the history of Pakistan after partition equal distribution of power remained a puzzle. Parliament was made unicameral in the constitution of 1956 with only national assembly not having senate. Constitution of 1962 too was designed unicameral with presidential system.So both of these two constitutions could not provide provinces with equal powers. The problem of equal distribution of power resolved between the  province in 1973 constitution when two houses were formed namely upper house as senate and lower house as national assembly.

List of Chairman Senate of Pakistan

Name Entered office Left office Political party
1 Habibullah Khan 6 August 1973 5 August 1975 Pakistan Peoples Party
6 August 1975 4 July 1977
2 Ghulam Ishaq Khan 21 March 1985 20 March 1988 Independent
21 March 1988 12 December 1988
3 Wasim Sajjad 24 December 1988 20 March 1991 Pakistan Muslim League (N)
21 March 1991 20 March 1994
21 March 1994 20 March 1997
21 March 1997 12 October 1999
4 Mohamad Mian Soomro 23 March 2003 22 March 2006 Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
23 March 2006 11 March 2009
5 Farooq Naek 12 March 2009 11 March 2012 Pakistan Peoples Party
6 Nayyar Bukhari 12 March 2012 12 March 2015 Pakistan Peoples Party
7 Raza Rabbani 12 March 2015 11 March 2018 Pakistan Peoples Party
8 Sadiq Sanjrani 12 March 2018 Independent

In Pakistan ,senate has least role to play. Even the strength of senate has been increased according to the 18th amendment of Constitution of Pakistan but practical role of senate is still nominal. Senate is allowed to give counsel on the non monetary bills only. It is not allowed to have participation in the money bills. Inspite of having authority to elect the president, interfering in the matters of  non monetary bills the powers of senate needs extention. Philosophy of equal distribution of power can only be cashed by increasing the active role of senate rather passive one. So,that senate may run side by side with national assembly. Here we end our topic “Who is Current Chairman Senate of Pakistan 2019”

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