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Who Is The Current Chief of Naval Staff in Pakistan?

Pakistan navy is one of world most trained navy about the Who Is The Current Chief of Naval Staff in Pakistan?. Its head office is located in Karachi with 30,700 active personal , 5000 reserves, 63 ships and 101 aircrafts. It has to perform in Indian ocean locating in the south of Pakistan. President is to be the head of Pakistan navy. Hence Chief of naval staff is the highest officer of Pakistan navy. He is known formally with the name of chief admiral of naval forces. Moving towards the topic Current Chief of Naval Staff in Pakistan.

The Current chief of Pakistan naval forces is Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi. He is a four star rank admiral officer of Pakistan navy. He during his career as navy officer was given to command different tasks. On 7 October 2017, he was appoint as the chief of naval staff. And on 30th October 2017, he was award with Nishan-e-imtiaz by president Mamnoon Hussain.

Who Is The Current Chief of Naval Staff in Pakistan?

Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi

Main function for navy to practice is to invigilate Indian ocean border adjoining with Balochistan province. India is is to be an arch-rival of Pakistan. Hence Pakistan navy’s most focused work is to put Indian army’s activity under its knees. Moreover , due to strategic location of Pakistan, it has to invigilate the movement of other countries ships passing very to Pakistan territory about Who Is The Current Chief of Naval Staff in Pakistan?. So Persian Gulf is the world international sea route by which about 70 percent of world total oil is trade. It is located on south –west of Pakistan. Being too close to the Pakistan naval border, Pakistan army always remains in movement. Role of Pakistan army got enhance with the inauguration of Pakistan China economic corridor.

List of All Chief of Naval Staff in Pakistan:

Name Appointment Date Left office
James Wilfred Jefford 15 August 1947 30 January 1953
Haji Mohammad Siddiq Choudri 31 January 1953 28 February 1959
Afzal Rahman Khan 1 March 1959 20 October 1966
Syed Mohammad Ahsan 20 October 1966 31 August 1969
Muzaffar Hassan 1 September 1969 22 December 1971
Hasan Hafeez Ahmed 3 March 1972 9 March 1975
Mohammad Shariff 23 March 1975 21 March 1979
Karamat Rahman Niazi 22 March 1979 23 March 1983
Tariq Kamal Khan 23 March 1983 9 April 1986
Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey 9 April 1986 9 November 1988
Yastur-ul-Haq Malik 10 November 1988 8 November 1991
Saeed Mohammad Khan 9 November 1991 9 November 1994
Mansurul Haq 10 November 1994 1 May 1997
Fasih Bokhari 2 May 1997 2 October 1999
Abdul Aziz Mirza 2 October 1999 2 October 2002
Shahid Karimullah 3 October 2002 6 October 2005
Afzal Tahir 7 October 2005 7 October 2008
Noman Bashir 7 October 2008 7 October 2011
Asif Sandila 4 October 2011 3 October 2014
Muhammad Zakaullah 4 October 2014 6 October 2017
Zafar Mahmood Abbasi 7 October 2017 Present

In today’s world innovation of new war technology is very common. So world leading naval forces just as America , China, USSR and other leading countries are adding new war technology in their forces. Pakistan too has to reinforce its naval forces on modern lines. There are bulk of reasons why Pakistan should do that. Hence Pak China economic corridor is deem a fear for the hegemony of USA and its traditional south Asia partner India in South Asian region. To quell this threat both countries can take any action with a view to save their hegemony.

It is only naval forces of Pakistan which demand equipment of modern war weapons. They either should be made in home or be import from world leading war technological countries. China can be use for this purpose. China has a well established navy and war weapons. Pakistan should take full assistance from China so that the enemies will be deal in iron hands at the time of need.  Here we end out topic “Who is the Current Chief of Naval Staff in Pakistan”.

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