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Who Is The Current Health Minister Of Pakistan 2019?

Q: Who Is The Current Health Minister Of Pakistan 2019?

Mr Amir Mehmood Kiyani
Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah
Sardar Muhammad Yousaf
Hamid Saeed Kazmi

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Do you know that Who Is The Current Health Minister Of Pakistan 2019? Health is among three fundamental needs of human beings. It is prime important because without it human race cannot perform appropriately. Nations which know the art of development never put health priority on the back bench. They always put health on the top of the list and invest maximum on it. So far as Pakistan is concerned, it also has its health management system with a number of hospitals, trained doctors and wide chain of pharmaceutical companies. It is controlled and regulated by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) that is further governed by Pakistan ministry of health and regulation.

Pakistan even though has a health and regulation system but it is not well controlled and countrywide. The infant’s mortality rate in Pakistan is 66 out of 1000 births, whereas life expectancy in Pakistan is 67 years which is even lesser than its neighboring countries. Remote areas of Pakistan even do not have least facilities of health. Sindh rural areas, southern Punjab’ s villages and KPK’s villages can be quoted in this regard. Even in the metropolitan cities, citizens are unable to meet the common diseases treatment. All is happening due to lack of management issues majorly and least availability of professional doctors secondly.

Currently, Pakistan needs about 600,000 active practitioners against the total population. But in Pakistan, there are about 50,000 to 60,000 doctors are practicing and rest are moving to abroad or quit practicing. Doctors are not taking interest in their business and prefer to do a job in abroad even wasting a huge sum of public money which government spends on every single doctor to prepare them. It is estimated that on every doctor who gets admission in a government institute, the government spends about 2.5 m.  Doctors lack interest in their business along with government mismanagement are collectively responsible for the poor condition of Pakistan health problems.

Current Education Minister Of Pakistan 2019

Moreover, spending on health in Pakistan is 9.3 $ (individual) which is much lesser than that of international standard that is about 60$. To keep health department active and effective some sort of robust steps are needed to be taken. Management will have to make effective, besides putting medical practitioners on the lines. Additionally, spending on health will have to increase keeping in mind international standard. Hence details about Who Is The Current Federal Health Minister Of Pakistan, are discussed in this post. For more queries, keep on visiting this website. The new government after election 2019 soon will be there and you will get the idea of Who Is The Current Health Minister Of Pakistan 2019? in real terms. Stay with us.

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